Step 3:  Buy Vegetables

Here is a good list of the host of VEGGIES that you can juice.  I would minimize the fruits that you juice because they are high in their natural sugar (fructose), and when you juice them, you are  basically injecting your bloodstream with that fructose and will cause spikes in your insulin levels.  I am not against fruits, but if you want to have some fruit, go ahead and eat the entire fruit so you get the fiber as well to help slow down the absorption of the fructose.  If you do want to sweeten your juice with a fruit, then just add either a beet, a carrot, an apple, or some berries to your juice… pick 1 each juice, not all!

•             Celery

•             Cucumbers

•             Kale

•             Spinach

•             Lettuce - Any kind you desire

•             Swiss Chard (red and green)

•             Collard Greens

•             Bok Choy

•             Parsley

•             Cilantro

•             Ginger

•             Lemons

•             Limes

•             Radishes

•             Bell Peppers - Red, Green, Yellow, & Orange

•             Red & Green Cabbage

•             Tomatoes

•             Broccoli

•             Carrots (carrots are higher in sugar, so again, only do 1 or so and try not to combine with other higher sugar products below)

•             Beets (beets are higher in sugar, so add 1 beet from time to time to juices, but NOT with an apple or berries together)

•             Apples  (add 1 apple if you want or need to sweeten your juice.  1 is enough to do this)

•             Berries (all kinds are fine.  Again, berries may be better to simply eat, vs. juice, but you can)

From here, if you want to add some zing to your juices, you can spice them up a bit.  This makes them taste great, and there are a lot oof known benefits from spices as well.  Here are some of my favorites: 

•             Black Pepper  (personally, I love then grinding black pepper and then also lemon/cayenne into the juice jug, and then stir it all up.  Peppers help with metabolism and fat burning)

•             Lemon Pepper

•             Cayenne Pepper

•             Tumeric

•             Cumin