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Welcome to, where our goal is to try and get you to become exactly that:  An EVERYDAY JUICER.  To help you get started, we wanted to give you a great starter recipe here.  From there, please feel free to click around the site, as we have tried to take all the mystery and confusion around juicing away and break it down into a very easy to understand and then more importantly, easy to execute program!  Once you have completed Steps 1, 2, and 3, then use this great starter recipe below to get you going.  As far as the amounts of each vegetable to use, we have given you a guide below as well.  

Once you juice a few times, you will get the hang of it.  Once you have made your juice, don't forget to BUICED it to round out your total health experience by adding 100% Daily Value of all the vitamins your body needs and then many other essential minerals.  First you JUICE it, and then you BUICED it!


Celery:                 2-3 stalks

Cucumbers:         3 if they are small Persian style (insert joke), or use about 4 inches if a long cucumber (wow, insert another joke)

Kale                     3-4 stalks/leaves

Parsley                1 bunch (they are normally sold in bunches, use 1)

Lettuce                3-4 leaves, if romaine, or the equivalent if another

Ginger                 Use about 2 fingers size

Lemon                  Cut it in half and squeeze it into the juice jug after juice is made using a lemon presser

Lime                     Same as lemon

From here, if you want to add some zing to your juice, I would add these spices:

Black Pepper      Grind about 3-4 turns

Lemon Pepper    About as much as the Black pepper you put in

Cayenne              Just a dash  (or you can use Turmeric or Cumin as well, both are very good.  If you don’t like it that spicy, use LESS spices for sure, if any at all)

Now BUICED it with a shot of BUICED... and enjoy!  You are now on your way to a healthier you!  For more great recipes, you can click here:  OTHER JUICING RECIPES

The Green Machine starter Recipe for first time juicers!